Don’t Tap Championship

Don’t Tap Championship

What is a Don’t Tap Championship Jiu Jitsu Competition?

Are you looking for the next challenge? Tired of sparring with the same fighters? Maybe you’re looking to get more •LIVE matches under your belt? Perhaps you are like us; seeking a new test of might…Then our Don’t Tap Championship Jiu Jitsu Competition is for you!

Then welcome to Don’t Tap Championship, a local-submission-only Jiu Jitsu competition program that is •Live streamed on a PPV(Pay-per-view) channel, broadcasting globally on-location from 3D MMA in Hanover Park, IL USA @ Fightstreams.Live

We are looking to form a brand-smacking new roster of Submission Artists, right now! We want to start planning the next several phases of matches and build those into larger events. If you are interested in being one of our Submission Artists, please fill out the Application below!

Contact us today and chat with one of our representatives so we can discuss placing you in our JiuJitsu competition and configure the best match-fit for you and our other talented Artists. We’re not just there for you, we’re there with you.

Crack the TLauncher with Wurst & Fabric

Crack the TLauncher with Wurst & Fabric

Actual 1.15.2 Tutorial

Files for 1.15.2 Tutorial

Tips & Tricks
Once you have everything installed, this helps you get started.
My tips are using the right shift button to bring up the menu to flip through all the different hacks. There is already a preset arrangement of abilities:
G makes you fly
X is for Xray
B is for ultra bright

Living MC Server

Living MC Server

Here is the details on the server:

IP Address:

Base Server Info
This server is a base install with more mods applied over it. Here is the core info on the server mods.

All sorts of cool things like Tekkit.

This Turns MC into an MMO where you can develop your characters skills.

Shops with NPC are setup so you can buy and sell items.

You can get jobs to help fund your characters money income to spend in shop or other players. Money is also needed to RankUp.

There is an NPC in the world that can take you to a Mob arena where you will fight waves of monsters.

There are NPCs with Quests that can be setup.

You can pay to RankUp.

More shop systems.

Dr Phil Living by Design

Dr Phil Living by Design

Recently I have become a huge fan of Dr Phil. I hit a point a few weeks ago during my caffeine withdrawals where i needed some inspiration. I was really in a dark place reflecting on my life and all the things I want to do.

I needed help. So I start searching. I then started listening to a Joe Rogan podcast with Dr Phil and I was attracted immediately to what he was saying.

I found his podcast Phil in the Blanks and I am hooked to hearing his southern drawl and amazing information. In particular he has a series called Living by Design.

If you need to make some changes in life. This is a great place to start. He will help with your mental chatter and he can give you tools to restart and get your life moving in the direction you want it to go. Give it a try… what do you have to lose?