What is a Don’t Tap Championship Jiu Jitsu Competition?

Are you looking for the next challenge? Tired of sparring with the same fighters? Maybe you’re looking to get more •LIVE matches under your belt? Perhaps you are like us; seeking a new test of might…Then our Don’t Tap Championship Jiu Jitsu Competition is for you!

Then welcome to Don’t Tap Championship, a local-submission-only Jiu Jitsu competition program that is •Live streamed on a PPV(Pay-per-view) channel, broadcasting globally on-location from 3D MMA in Hanover Park, IL USA @ Fightstreams.Live

We are looking to form a brand-smacking new roster of Submission Artists, right now! We want to start planning the next several phases of matches and build those into larger events. If you are interested in being one of our Submission Artists, please fill out the Application below!

Contact us today and chat with one of our representatives so we can discuss placing you in our JiuJitsu competition and configure the best match-fit for you and our other talented Artists. We’re not just there for you, we’re there with you.