Unlocking the Body’s Rhythms: Understanding the Liver’s Role in Health and Sleep

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In our surrounding environment, cycles abound. We witness the transition from day to night, the ebb and flow of rain and sunshine, the fluctuation between high and low tides, the transformation from winter to spring, and the shift from summer to fall. Even within ourselves, these cycles persist, from wakefulness to sleep. Our bodies, much like the world around us, operate within a series of cycles. In fact, all our major organs and organ systems adhere to a specific rhythm. Each organ system follows a 24-hour cycle, alternating between periods of activity and rest. Within this cycle, there is a 12-hour window during which these systems function at their peak, contributing significantly to our overall well-being. It is during these specific time frames that any pathological conditions, changes in energy priorities, or issues with functionality become apparent in our lives.

Upon closer observation, patterns begin to emerge. The liver, for instance, plays a vital role in the body by initially detoxifying unnecessary substances that could hinder the normal functioning of our cells. This crucial process takes precedence over the production of the liver’s 13,000 required products, as the body prioritizes the removal of potentially harmful substances. Consequently, although the organs continue to function and contribute to bodily processes, they do so sub-optimally. Over time, these patterns of dysfunction manifest as various signs and symptoms in our lives. High cholesterol, for instance, serves as an indicator of impaired liver function, as approximately 70% of cholesterol is synthesized in the liver. Elevated cholesterol levels suggest sub-optimal liver performance and also signify the body’s attempt to heal itself, as cholesterol is essential for hormone production, which drives numerous bodily functions. Other issues associated with liver dysfunction include PMS, under-eye bags, reduced alcohol tolerance, infertility/impotence, headaches, skin problems, red dots on the skin (linked to poor homocysteine metabolism, sulfation, and methylation), anger, irritability, frustration, and waking up between 1-3am, among others.

Today, we will focus on the significance of waking up between 1-3am. During this time, the liver is engaged in detoxification processes, marking the peak of its 24-hour and 12-hour active cycles. Therefore, if you find yourself unable to achieve deep sleep during this window or experience recurrent awakenings, it indicates sub optimal liver function, setting the stage for potentially more severe health issues. Repeatedly waking up between 1-3am serves as a call to action, urging those experiencing this phenomenon to pay attention to their liver’s needs.

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